Frequently Asked Questions

Does it really matter if i don’t separate my waste, doesn’t it all end up in the tip?

It DOES matter that we use our bins correctly. By recycling and using the green organics bins correctly we save waste going into diminishing landfill, we save money and it’s better for the environment. Each type of waste is processed by very different methods to minimise the amount of waste that is ultimately sent to landfill.

Who owns the bins?

The bins are owned by the collection contractor, Handybin Waste Services.

What if I already compost?

Home composting is a great way to reuse and recycle. However there may be things that don’t easily compost in your own compost bin such as large sticks, meat bones and seafood shells. These can be disposed of in your green organics bin.

Do I have to have three bins?

By sorting your Recycling and Greenwaste from other Waste, you help reduce waste processing and disposal costs for the whole community. The cost for your service will not change should you choose not to use all the bins.

When should I put my bins out for collection?

You should put your bin out on the kerb the night before your usual collection day. If you need a collection calendar so that you know which bins to put out on alternating fortnights, go to Collection Days to search by your street name, or download the Free app for iPhone or Android via the links on that page.

What happens if my bin is damaged?

Call 1800265495 to have your bin repaired or replaced. Handybin staff will take details and arrange to have bin fixed or replaced. If it appears the bin is deliberately being damaged or not looked after, Handybin may charge to the owner the costs for repairing or replacing the bin.

What happens if my bin is stolen?

We will replace your bin free of charge in the first instance. If further instances occur charges may be applied for the cost of the bin and a delivery service charge.

If I need additional services, how much will this cost?

If you need additional services, you need to request this through your local Council. You must be the owner of the premise to request this service. Councils will advise Handybin of the request for additional services and rates section to ensure payment is adjusted on rates notice. Costs for additional services vary for each Council member of Coffs Coast Waste Services, check with your Council for further detail.

I can't wheel my bins out myself, what can I do?

Handybin has a wheel in wheel out service, which will only be offered to people with a genuine disability or who are elderly and can demonstrate they cannot wheel the bin. To apply for this service, you must contact your local Council and fulfil the requirements for application.

Vision impaired people

There are a limited number of bin lids with tactile symbols available for those who request this service. Contact your local Council to provide your details and your Council will arrange delivery with Handybin.

What happens if I put the wrong items into my bins?

In the first instance, a contamination sticker will be placed on the bin containing the wrong items, and a letter will be issued to you. If the wrong material continues to go into the bin, it may not be emptied and will have a sticker placed on it advising of the contamination. Once the contamination is removed by the resident and the contractor notified, the bin will be emptied. Further instances of contamination may result in removal of bins, or a fine being imposed on the resident.

What is the bulky household waste collection service?

Coffs Harbour City Council offers residents up to two (2) user-pays kerbside bulky household waste collections each year. Fee per collection is $46.00 payable at time of booking. Call the CCWS Hotline on 1800 265 495 to book a collection.

Nambucca Shire Council and Bellingen Shire Council provide eligible households with one (1) scheduled kerbside bulky household waste collection each year. Please see the Collection Days tab for searchable database where you can look up your next collection date.

Up to three cubic metres of bulky household waste are allowed per collection per household.

Bulky goods are items including furniture, floor coverings, white goods, televisions and the like.

Bulky household waste does NOT include trade waste, construction and/or demolition wastes, earth or stones, car parts, tyres, hazardous waste (including gas bottles, oil heaters, paint, batteries and chemicals) household garbage, green waste or recycling. Items must be less than 1.5metres long and able to be lifted by two people.

Can I hose my bins out while water restrictions are in place?

Yes, you can. As it is considered a health and safety issue no restrictions are placed on cleaning of bins. You should only hose out bins on a grassed area and no run off is permitted to enter the stormwater system. Bin washing services are available – see your local phone directory.