Waste Disposal: Hints & Tips

* Rinse plastic containers before placing in your Recycling bin to reduce spills and odours

* Wrap your food waste in newspaper before placing in your Organics bin to reduce odour. You can also sprinkle some bi-carb soda in the bottom of the bin to soak up any odours.

* Line your Organics bin with grass clippings to keep food waste from sticking to the bottom.

* Only dispose of plastic bags in your Garbage bin

* Recycle mobile phone batteries at any Telstra or Optus store or Battery World Store. Go to www.mobilemuster.com.au for more options.

* Used Ink toner cartridges can be disposed of at a variety of locations to be recycled. Go to www.cartridges.planetark.org for a list of locations.

* ALDI supermarkets offer a free household battery recycling service at all their Australian stores.

* Hazardous Materials do NOT belong in any of your three bins. These must be dropped off at the Council Weighbridge
located at England’s Road. Most can be dropped off at no cost. Contact Council’s weighbridge on 6648 4580 for more information.